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What is elpengu?

This site is all about software freedom. Seeing how the internet is more and more centralised into a big corporate environment, I wanted to provide an alternative solution which reminds of the first day of the web.

Here we promote the following concepts:

  • Software freedom, and the use of libre software such as: Linux, *BSD, Matrix, IRC, Fediverse etc.
  • Decentralisation. Having all your eggs in the same basket has never been a worse idea than today.
  • Minimalism and the UNIX philosophy: all programs should do one thing, do it well and in a simple manner.
  • Abstinence from consumerism. The web is a powerful tool, but at the same time a weapon for destruction of our attention spans.
About me


I host multiple open-source & privacy-friendly services, providing an alternative to popular websites. Everything is free as in freedom (no ads, no tracking). Take a look at them below!



I sometimes post about technology and its implications in real life, philosophy and other topics of interest. Here are some of my articles:



You can contact me via Email or Matrix. No, I don't use Discord and I don't have a Discord server, but you could join my Matrix room.


If you think this website helped you in any way, please consider donating. All donations go towards improving services and paying for hosting. Donators also gain access to private instances hosted on this site.